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Forster & Gibson Pty Ltd is a company formed by Anne Forster and Tom Gibson to manage research and development consultancies in their diverse fields of distance learning and engineering. The Forster & Gibson partnership shares core services including IT, financial & project management, and business development.


Anne Forster is an international expert in the field of distance learning with extensive experience in designing ICT based learning, change management and business development. Anne brings a successful track record in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) based education and training projects in Australia, the South Pacific, Canada and North America. Her specific competencies and extensive international network allow her to manage projects for building capacity throughout the entire value chain of distance learning systems.


Anne has been involved in several flagship education projects that have had significant impact, beginning with a foundation role with the world’s first professional award in distance education, launched in 1983 at the University of South Australia.  She then designed and set up the operations of Australia’s top ranking Executive MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management. She was the foundation Director of the University of Sydney’s Innovation and Technologies in Education Ventures (iTEV) Unit.


Anne has led a successful consulting practice in Canada and in Australia since 1990 conducting over thirty projects. Most of these consulting and commissioned research projects had multidisciplinary requirements resulting in the building of a multi-facetted and solid network of experts and cooperating institutions. Years of international experience in diverse environments such as advanced marketplaces and emerging economies have created not only competencies but also a network of expertise and trust.


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